North Way Christian Community

Event Childcare Request

NOTE: This is NOT for individual needs for childcare.  

Child Care Supervision at the Wexford Campus will be offered at limited times during the week.  Ministry Leaders need to submit the request at least two weeks prior to the event, using the available times listed below as the guideline. Other requests outside of the times listed may be accommodated if the event can be adequately staffed and space is available; the same request and approval timeline apply.  Filling out this request does not guarantee that childcare will be available; you will be contacted to tell you if your request has been approved or not.

Available Times:

Tues:  1st & 3rd Tues: AM & PM open

Fri.     AM - Open seasonally (with Moore & More)   PM - Open                  

Sat.    AM -Open.   PM- N/A

Sun.   AM – N/A    PM-Seasonally (with Marriage Matters)

*NWCC Ministry:
*Name of event:
*Date(s) of Event:
*Event Start Time:
*Event End Time:
*Estimated number of children:
*Estimated number of Volunteers to assist with childcare: